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Hyperkalemia- How To Manage Kidney Disease In Diabetes

Hyperkalemia- How To Manage Kidney Disease In Diabetes

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Diabetes and Nephropathy

In this Masterclass we will tell you everything about diabetic nephropathy kidney disease, its stages, symptoms of kidney failure due to diabetes, and treatment as well. Diabetic Nephropathy is a disease caused when you have kidney disease because of diabetes and it is a serious factor of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

This video presents a very friendly and renowned diet educator, Mr. Lokendra Tomar. He shares his valuable insights and practical strategies to manage both high potassium levels and diabetes together.

What you will Learn in this Masterclass 

📅 Video Duration- 90 Mins

If you don’t know, let me tell you first, diabetes is a major risk factor for kidney diseases. So, In this comprehensive video, you will learn a lot of information regarding diabetes and kidney diseases. Some of the valuable insights you will gain in this video are:

  • How diabetes and nephropathy are related to each other or the impact of high blood sugar levels on the kidney.
  • You will gain a clear understanding of the role of potassium in the human body, and its importance in nerve and muscle stimulation. 
  • You will also learn how diabetes affects hyperkalemia levels and how hyperkalemia affects the heart.
  • In addition, You will also find practical and effective dietary approaches and meal-planning techniques for high potassium management.

Expert Guidance with Q & A Session:

You will also see what other people are facing issues in diabetes and kidney disease, and learn from their experiences and insights.

Learn from leading diet educator Mr. Lokendra Tomar (Featured on Shark Tank India) about the latest breakthroughs in “Diabetic nephropathy kidney diseases”. Now Watch our exclusive masterclass Video on “How to reverse kidney damage from diabetes” and embark on a journey towards treatment of diabetic kidney disease.

Join us and take control of your Hyperkalemia levels to lead a healthier life with diabetes!

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