About Diabexy

Diabexy is a new age diabetic-friendly food product brand. We are India’s first and largest manufacturer of Low Glycemic Load food products. We manufacture various daily usable food items like flour, cookies, sweetener, savory & sweet snacks.
Our mission is to eradicate diabetes like polio hence we educate people through Diabexy’s YouTube channel and manufacture food products for them. Our YouTube channel is the largest educational channel for diabetes education in India. Our products can help a diabetic person manage his blood sugar levels by following a disciplined lifestyle.
Our expertise in diabetes management comes with our Revertiz Diabetes Reversal clinic, where our team of medical doctors, dieticians, fitness trainers, and diet expert Mr. Lokendra Tomar helps them to manage or reverse diabetes.
Mr. Lokendra Tomar founder of the company is a hard-working, knowledgeable person, he is the author book New Theory of Diabetes, which is very popular among diabetics.
Our vision is to make a diabetes-free world.

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