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Diabexy Sugar Drops 30ml Each (Pack of 2)

Diabexy Sugar Drops 30ml Each (Pack of 2)

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Healthiest Substitute for Sugar

Diabexy Sugar Drop is a sugar-free drop and a low-glycemic sweetener. This low calorie sweetener is the best liquid sweetener for diabetes. It contains ingredients like Erythritol, Isomalto OligoSaccharides, Fructo OligoSaccharides Resistant Dextrin Sorbitol, Sucralose, Sorbic Acid, and Sodium Benzoate which helps in improving our immune health and tastes better than regular sugar.

It is a best healthy sugar alternative. We are not claiming it, our loyal customers are saying this. Besides, you also can use it in both food and drinks.

This sugar-free drop provides sweetness better than regular sugar and has zero calories. Just 2 drops of it can make a cup of tea sweet, its aftertaste is very smooth hence it is suitable to replace sugar or other sweeteners in any liquid preparation.

Liquid Sweetener for Diabetics

In addition to the alternative of sugar, this sugar-free drop is also good for diabetes, pre-diabetic, sugar-conscious, and those who want to lose weight. It is a type of Fiber that is sweet, and being a Fibre, it does not get absorbed in the intestine, Instead, it gets flushed out without affecting one’s blood sugar levels. Also, it is 100% safe vegetarian for daily long-term consumption. It is the best sugar alternative for diabetics

Uses of Diabexy Sugar Drop

Diabexy drop comes in a pack of 2 bottles containing 30 ml each. 2 drops of this sweetener equal 2 teaspoons of regular white sugar.

  • You can use it on regular food and drinks whether it is hot or cold.
  • It is beneficial for all of us. Not only sugar-conscious people but any person can also use it. 
  • Indeed, it is a zero-calorie sweetener so you can add it to your green tea or healthy snacks for weight loss. 

In addition, it contains low EGL ingredients which means it is beneficial and safe for diabetes & manages blood sugar levels. Moreover, it also helps in controlling blood pressure as well.

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‎Erythriol, Isomalto Oligo Saccharides,Fructo Oilgo SacchardiesRessistant Dextrin Sorbitol, Sucrolose, Sorbic Acid, Sodium Benzoate

Glycemic Load


Net Weight


Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacture

How to use

Diabexy Sugar Drops can be used to sweeten hot or cold beverages like tea, coffee etc. It can also be used for baking and cooking.
Serving Size- 1-2 drops
Recommended Serving- 2 per day

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