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Diabexy Sugar Control Atta Gluten Free - 1 kg

Diabexy Sugar Control Atta Gluten Free - 1 kg

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LOW GLYCEMIC LOAD - Wheat/ Multigrain Flour is one of the main ingredients of Indian kitchen but its glycemic load is very high Just by switching to gluten free Diabexy Sugar Control Flour, a person can reduce glycemic load in his diet to a large extent. Estimated Glycemic Load of wheat flour is having 50 per 100g but estimated glycemic load of gluten free Diabexy Atta is just 10.

GLUTEN FREE – Diabexy has launched a new Gluten Free Atta. In addition to the benefit of low glycemic load, this Atta also gives the advantage of gluten free. Diabetic patients who are allergic to gluten or who wants to avoid gluten for any other reason, can easily switch to Diabexy Atta Gluten free. It is a great combination that is rich in both healthy fat and protein.

HIGH PROTEIN - Protein is an important nutrient for a diabetic person. It provides strength to muscles and bones. Diabexy Sugar Control Gluten Free Flour contains almost 3 times more protein than normal wheat flour because it is made with high quality Peanut, Coconut, Flax Seed, Almond, Isolated Proteins etc. It contains 29 g protein per 100g which can meet almost 70% of your daily protein (plant based) requirement.

HEALTHY FAT & HIGH FIBER - Gluten Free Diabexy Atta contains 20g healthy fat per 100g which comes from nuts and seeds. This atta contains Coconut which is a good source of MCT and flax seed which is a good source of omega 3- fatty acid. It is a great combination of healthy fats and vegan protein. It tastes great and helps in controlling hunger and diabetes management. It contains 2 times more fiber than normal wheat/multigrain flour. Each 100g Diabexy gluten free Atta contains 16g fiber.

HOW TO MAKE DOUGH - Please remember that this atta takes more water and more kneading than normal wheat atta. Make soft dough using enough warm water, keep adding water slowly in a stepwise manner until the dough becomes soft. Keep the dough aside for 5-10 min before rolling chapattis. Chapattis made with soft dough will remain soft for hours.


Peanut, Coconut, Flax seeds, Almond, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Isolated soya protein, Salt, Isabgol, Besan (Gram flour), Amaranth, Guar gum,E211

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Net Weight


Shelf Life

6 Months from Date of Manufacture

How to use

Replace your regular flour with Diabexy Atta Sugar Control.
Serving Size- 20g
Suggested Servings- 2 to 4 per day

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