Sugar-Free Coconut Barfi Recipe for Diabetics


Coconut Barfi Recipe for Diabetics:-

There are many diabetics who love coconut barfi but avoid eating it due to the fear that it will spike their blood sugar levels. They constantly search for coconut barfi recipes or sugar-free sweets that can satisfy their cravings without affecting their blood sugar. Fortunately, there are many sugar-free sweets available that do not raise blood sugar levels and taste just like regular barfi. Diabetics can enjoy these sugar-free sweets, and they also make great gifting options for others. This can be a good solution for those who want to indulge in their favorite treats without compromising their health.

Along with this, diabetics can also make coconut barfi at home and enjoy it. In today's blog, we are sharing the recipe for this sugar-free sweet, coconut barfi. So, make sure to try this coconut barfi recipe at least once.

Ingredient for Coconut Barfi Recipe:-

  • NutroActive Almond Flour -200g
  • Dry Coconut -200g
  • Ghee-1 cup
  • Cocoa Powder -1tsp
  • Khus Khus- 1tbsp
  • Diabexy Sugar - 70g
  • Sesame (roasted)- 1tsp
  • Cardamom Powder- 1tsp


EGL of Used Ingredients:-

When creating any recipe with diabetics in mind, it's important to pay attention to the EGL (Estimated Glycemic Load) values of the ingredients used. This helps determine how suitable a sugar-free sweet or any recipe is for diabetics. Let's look at the EGL values of the ingredients used in the coconut barfi recipe.

The EGL values for NutroActive Almond Flour, Dry Coconut, Ghee, Cocoa Powder, Khus Khus (Poppy Seeds), Diabexy Sugar-free Sweetener, Sesame, and Cardamom Powder are as follows 1.05, 1.84, 0, 1.84, 1, 1, 5.75 and 2.10 respectively.

Method for Coconut Barfi Recipe:-

1- Churn the dry coconut.

2- Take a bowl & add Ghee to it.

3- Then add the almond flour to it and mix it well with the hot ghee.

4- Then add the dry coconut & all other dry ingredients and mix them nicely. 

5- When all the dry ingredients get mixed well, add Diabexy sugar, followed by cocoa powder &  cardamom powder.

6- You may add some ghee at the end and give it a final good mix.

7- Take a tin and put parchment paper and drop all mixture into it.

8- Press it properly with the help of a spatula. 

9- Keep it in the refrigerator for one hour. 

10- Cut it into burfi shape and enjoy it 

Your coconut barfi recipe is ready, now you can enjoy it. You can give it to any diabetic patient as a sugar-free dessert.










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