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These Cranberry cookies are so delicious – soft, chewy, and homemade. It tastes the combination of both, Cranberry provides a tartness and slightly tangy flavor, while dough adds a rich and creamy taste.

It can be enjoyed with a cup of tea, coffee, or alone. Cranberry cookies are especially popular in the holiday season and festive occasions.

When we want to eat cookies, we often buy them from stores. However, These commercially packed cookies contain unhealthy fats and high sugar levels, which can increase blood sugar levels and cause heart disease.

To address this, we are sharing a healthy and low glycemic load cranberry cookie recipe that’s easy to make at home. These diabetic biscuits are perfect for those who prioritize their health without compromising the taste.

Cranberry Cookies Ingredients

  • 100g NutroActive Almond Flour - This atta is made of whole almonds which are low in carbs, making it beneficial for people with diabetes. It is rich in vitamins & minerals.
  • 30g NutroActive Brown X- Atta – It contains 25% carb in compared to 70-80% in normal wheat. It is made of ingredients like Wheat bran, Wheat protein, oats, Soy flour, lentils, and more. It is beneficial for controlling blood sugar and providing nutrition to the body. There are no side effects of this flour.
  • 60g Butter – It gives the desired flavor, texture, and appearance to the dish, making the cookies more enjoyable.
  • 50g Keto Condensed milk – It is rich in calcium, vitamin D, and healthy fats.
  • 1 Egg – It helps to give texture, moisture, and structure to the dish.
  • 200g Amul Cream - Cream adds a rich, velvety quality to the cookie dough and also contributes to a softer, chewier texture in cookies.
  • 30g Diabexy Atta - Diabexy atta is made using low EGL ingredients and the EGL value is 7 instead of other types of atta with EGL values between 50 to 60. It is also made from nuts and seeds which is why it contains high protein & fiber.
  • Diabexy Sugar - It is a fiber that is sweet and being a fiber, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. Diabexy sugar contains fructooligosaccharide which has very low EGL ingredients.
  • Vanilla Essence – It gives a sweet and aromatic taste to the dish.
  • Baking Paper – Baking paper helps to bake food turn out perfectly.
  • Piping Bag – This tool helps to give shape to cookies.

How To Make Cranberry Cookies

  • First, we make homemade condensed milk. Take 200g of Amul cream and add 40g of butter.
  • Mix both ingredients properly.
  • Then add 30g of Diabexy Sugar and mix it well.
  • After boiling, your condensed milk is ready. Take it out and store it in a glass in the refrigerator.
  • For making cookies, take 100g of NutroActive Almond flour and add 30g of NutroActive Brown-X-Atta.
  • Then Add 60g of Melted Butter, 50g of Keto Condensed milk, vanilla essence, and 1 whole egg.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well.
  • Take a tray and Put baking paper on it.
  • Use a piping bag to shape the batter into cookies.
  • Decorate with unsweetened Cranberries in the middle.
  • Bake the cookies at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
  • After baking, let them cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Your low glycemic load cranberry cookies are ready.

EGL of Cranberry cookies is 0.2 per cookie which is very low. These diabetic biscuits don't impact your blood sugar level.

Why can they be called diabetic biscuits?

These cranberry cookies have a low glycemic load compared to other biscuits available on the market. Glycemic load, or GL, is a way to guess how eating carbs will affect your blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods don’t increase blood sugar levels, which is why they are best for people with diabetes.

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