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Beguni which is also known as “Telebhaja” is one of the popular snacks in Bengal and many parts of eastern India. It is served as an evening snack, and some people prefer it with tea as well.

The Beguni tastes very delicious & crispy, which makes it very popular. This bengali traditional dish becomes especially popular during the monsoon season and on special occasions.

This Bengali dish is very easy to make, but the problem is whether it is healthy. It is usually made with gram flour and low-quality oil which can increase your blood sugar levels.

Here, we are sharing easy beguni recipe that made by using low EGL (Estimated Glycemic Load) ingredients. It is healthier and tastes delicious. Also, it doesn’t impact your blood sugar level.

Beguni Recipe Ingredients

  • 250g Brinjal (Baigan) – It has a unique texture and slightly bitter taste. Brinjal is low in calories and contains essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • 150g Diabexy Dosa mix - Diabexy Dosa Mix is made with nutritious ingredients like peanuts, coconut, almonds, flax seeds, and many more. It has no side effects. This Dosa mix contains 37 g of plant-based protein per 100 g and low glycemic load.
  • 5g Ajwain – It is also known as carrom seeds or bishop’s weed, is a spice that has a strong, bitter taste. It helps to aid digestion, Reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and numerous health benefits.
  • 5g Haldi Powder – It is a turmeric powder that is used in Indian dishes. It helps reducing inflammation and pain, improves brain function, supports digestion, and has many health benefits.
  • 5g Baking Powder – It is widely used in baking and cooking because of its ability to create light, fluffy textures in various baked goods.
  • NutroActive Mineral Salt - It is 100% natural and High-quality salt directly sourced from the Himalayas. This Mineral salt has 84 minerals in comparison to 2 minerals in normal salt.

 How To Make Beguni

  • First, take 250g of Baigan (Brinjal) and cut it into pieces, and apply NutroActive Mineral Salt.

  • Then, take 150g Diabexy Dosa mix in a bowl and add NutroActive mineral salt as per your taste.

  • Mix both ingredients properly.

  • Add 1tsp Ajwain, and 1tsp baking powder to the mixture, and mix all the ingredients.

  • Add some water to this mixture to make semi- thick batter.

  • Add 1 tsp Haldi powder and mix it well.

  • Dip the baigan pieces into the batter and coat them properly.

  • Deep fry the coated baigan pieces in olive oil.

  • Your Crispy Beguni is ready to eat.

EGL value per Beguni is 2, which is very low. This means it doesn’t impact your blood sugar level. It is perfect for those who prioritize their health without compromising their taste.

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