My sugar level dropped from 200 to 110 in a day - Review by Mr. Sharwan Kumar

🩸Fasting Sugar Level: 300 to 89⬇️
🩸PP Sugar Level: 350 to 103⬇️
HbA1c: 10.7 to 6.4 kg⬇️

Mr. Sharwan Kumar, a participant in the Diabetes Reversal Program, shared their successful experience of controlling sugar levels & HbA1c by connecting with Diabexy.


He said “I have had diabetes for 15 years. Suddenly, I went for a checkup and my HbA1c was 10.7, with a fasting blood sugar level of 300. Despite taking medication, my postprandial (PP) sugar level was still over 350. My doctor doubled my medication dosage. Coincidentally, I came across Diabexy's YouTube channel and watched their videos. I ordered Diabexy Atta and after consuming it, my sugar level dropped to 110. I continued using Diabexy Atta for two months. However, I needed further help to maintain my sugar levels, so I joined the Revertize Diabetes Reversal Program. After joining the program, within three months my HbA1c dropped from 10.7 to 6.4. Now, my fasting sugar level is 89 and my PP sugar level is 103.”


We are thankful to Mr. Sharwan Kumar for sharing his story and progress on his blood sugar level & HbA1c.

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