Best Time to Exercise for Blood Sugar Control


Best Time to Exercise for Blood Sugar Control 

Many people who have diabetes want to know the best time for exercise to control blood sugar. Mr. Ashutosh Srivastav, who had been within the diabetes range for the past 7 years, experienced a significant positive shift in his diabetes management after watching videos on diabetes and using Diabexy Atta and Diabexy Reversol tablets in his routine. He is currently consulting with doctors from Diabexy and has joined the Diabetes Reversal Program.

As Mr. Ashutosh mentioned, he faces a challenge in managing time for exercise because he gets home late in the evening because of his job timing, and the only available time for workouts is at 6 p.m. throughout the week and he wants to know about the best time to exercise for blood sugar control. 

So In this blog, we will discuss what time of day is best for a diabetic to exercise.


Best Exercises for Diabetes:- 

If you have diabetes, and you to reverse your diabetes anaerobic exercises are particularly beneficial for you like stair climbing, running, and weight lifting Because these exercises help in developing muscles, which in turn reduces insulin resistance. 

there are three categories of exercises recommended for diabetics.

  1. Morning Exercise: For individuals with elevated fasting blood sugar levels, it is advisable to avoid morning exercise. However, those with lower fasting blood sugar levels can engage in morning exercise as their pancreas provides support, allowing effective diabetes management.  
  2. Evening Exercise: If managing time for exercise is challenging, one should explore opportunities for physical activity during the day. Activities such as short walks or stair climbing during lunch can be beneficial. These activities enhance the glucose absorption capacity of muscles, especially in areas like the thighs, back, and chest. 
  3. In-Between Exercise: For those struggling to find time, seeking opportunities for physical activity throughout the day is essential. Incorporating exercises for muscle groups like thighs, back, and chest during various activities can lead to increased glucose utilization by the body.   

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