Cholesterol से Heart Attack नहीं होता | Cholesterol is not Bad | EDU-35

 Cholesterol से Heart Attack नहीं होता | Cholesterol is not Bad

For the last 10 -15 years, generally, people tend to avoid oil and butter. They think that the deposition of cholesterol could block the arteries, which can cause serious complications and may be life-threatening. Whenever they come across oil and fats, they usually avoid it by saying oils and fats are not good for health.

What is the main reason behind this mindset? In the 1960s there was a scientist named Dr. Ancel Keys who was associated with the treatment and care of World War soldiers. He conducted autopsies of many dead bodies and found that arteries were blocked. He reported that arteries are blocked due to the deposition of fats. After further research, he concluded that eating oily and fatty food products can block the arteries. He established that the dietary intake of huge amounts of fats was the main reason behind it. At that time nobody questioned this theory. However, some people wanted to know why Eskimos don’t have any complications related to heart as their diet comprises high-fat and oily food items mainly fish. Dr. Ancel Keys couldn’t provide any solid explanation for that. 



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