Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?
Learn about the Treatment and Management of Diabetes
After years of research and experiments, we can say that it is possible to manage and gradually reverse diabetes with the help of proper diet. Foods with a Low Glycemic Load and Low Carbohydrates help in controlling ones blood sugar.
History of Diabetes | Part 1
What is the history of Diabetes Mellitus? What should diabetics eat?
We trace diabetes' origins and talk about the possible treatments and management of Diabetes over time. This video contains a detailed analysis of all these questions in the form of simple interesting story narrative. We share scientific information related to Diabetes Management in simple and easy to understand language. 
History of Diabetes | Part 2
When was human Insulin discovered?
Today we talk about important milestone in the history of Diabetes. Historical perspective of Diabetes? Discovery of Insulin 1922? When was human Insulin discovered? Who found the cure of Diabetes?
Q&A 1
Sugar Substitute for Diabetics
Wheat Rice Flour Alternative for Blood Sugar Management
What to eat in Diabetes if grains are not allowed? Can we eat sugar free in Diabetes? Can we do intermittent fasting in diabetes? How is Gluten for a Diabetic patient? Is it possible to reverse type 1 diabetes?