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NutroActive LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal Replacement Low Carb Shake 454 gm

NutroActive LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal Replacement Low Carb Shake 454 gm

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  • KETO SHAKE -- Replacing your breakfast with LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal Replacement Shake powder helps trigger fat burning without exercise. LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal Replacement is a low carb and high fat powder specifically designed to support the needs of the ketogenic lifestyle which helps in increased blood ketone levels, enhance cognition, athletic endurance, sustained energy and burn fat.
  • KETO DIET -- Keto Diet has become quite popular across the world because of its quick results. NutroActive LipoQuick Keto Diet Powder is perfect Meal Replacement formula specifically designed to support Keto Diet keeping in view the principles of Keto Diet wherein high fat, low cab and moderate protein is provided.
  • LOWEST CARB -- NutroActive LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal Replacement is a low carb meal replacement. It contains only 16% carbohydrates. It contains high fat i.e. 80% fat which is the main requirement of following Keto Diet.
  • COCONUT MCT -- LipoQuick Keto Diet Meal contains coconut fat which is rich in MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides). MCT are unique, easily digestible, plant based super-fuels for your brain, muscle, metabolism and immune system. MCT are known as "healthy fats" that helps your body achieve Ketosis - the process by which your body burns fat for energy
  • WORKS WELL FOR ALL -- These days many Dietician, Nutritionist and Doctors suggest Keto Diet for maintaining weight, PCOD, Diabetes, high Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol etc. because it works well for most of the people. If you have any queries regarding the product and diet, our Nutritionist can prepare a Keto Diet Plan for you and clear all your questions about Keto Diet.


Coconut Fat, Xanthum Gum, Sucralose, Sodium Benzoate, Dry Vanilla and Banana Flavour


Shelf Life

15 months from the date of manufacturing

How to use

Take bowl. Add 200ml water. Add 5g of chia seeds or basil seeds. Keep stirring.
Add 100ml of milk or buttermilk or curd.
Add 30g of Lipoquick Powder & mix well.
Add 20g of fruits just for a taste.

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