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Diabexy Atta LITE Nuts Free

Diabexy Atta LITE Nuts Free

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High Fibre Atta with Multigrain

This Cold-Pressed multigrain atta is made with Lentils, Soybeans, Oats, Quinoa, wheat, and Rajgira. In addition to being high in fibre and protein, this multigrain flour is also diabetic-friendly atta and nuts-free atta.

Dietary fibers reduce the absorption of cholesterol and sugar in the intestine hence a fiber-rich diet is suitable for people who want to control their sugar levels. Diabexy Atta Lite is rich in fiber and contains a lot more fiber as compared to normal wheat flour.

If you are looking for atta high in fibre and protein then look no further, this multigrain atta flour is the best option for you. Also, it is a completely nuts-free atta that aids digestion. Some of the features of this multigrain flour are:

  • 100% natural ingredients are used to make it.

  • 5 Grain multigrain atta.

  • Sugar-free multigrain atta.

  • This flour multigrain is available in 5kg, 3kg, and 1kg Pack.

Multigrain Atta Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits of eating multigrain flour some of them are as follows:

  • Being high in fibre, it improves our digestive and metabolism.

  • Atta with multigrain is also good for diabetics.

  • It helps in weight management.

  • It improves your heart health.

  • Also, it improves your hair and skin health.

Best Multi-Grain Atta 

Diabexy lite atta is the best multi-grain atta especially for diabetic patients as it is low in glycemic load. The EGL of wheat flour is approximately 50 per 100g meanwhile, the EGL of Diabexy Atta Lite is approximately 12 only. It is a great choice for diabetics due to its high fibre, protein, and low carbohydrate content.

In addition, it includes all the ingredients and micronutrients to control the blood sugar levels of diabetics and keep them energetic. You can even eat it daily. This special diabetes atta with oats and soya helps reduce cholesterol. Sugar patients should eat this multigrain flour.

Buy multigrain organic atta at an affordable price and start enjoying the benefits of this diabetes-friendly food product!

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Proprietary blend of Wheat Bran, Wheat Protein,
Wheat, Amaranth, Oats, Fat Free Soy Flour, Isolated Soy Protein, Lentils, Quinoa, Salt.

Glycemic Load

12 Per 100 gm

Net Weight

Shelf Life

6 Months from Date of Manufacturing

How to use

Replace your regular flour with Diabexy Atta Sugar Control Atta Lite.

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