Diabetic Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Diabetic Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies



Low glycemic load – Diabexy chocolate Turkish hazelnut cookies are made with pure ingredients like dark chocolate, hazelnut imported from turkey, trans-fat free bakery shortenings. The estimated glycemic load of these cookies is 4.4 per 100g.this is very healthy for diabetic person as it will help in managing blood sugar levels. Whereas normal cookies in a bakery or packaged biscuits are made with maida and sugar, having an estimated glycemic load of 45 per 100g which is alarming for a diabetic person. 

Each cookie weighs about 10g. Take just 2 cookies per serving to keep your daily glycemic load limit under control. 

Follow the daily glycemic load limit prescribed by your doctor and choose a healthy lifestyle to manage your diabetes and further to achieve diabetes reversal. 

No maida No sugar made with pure chocolate: Diabexy chocolate cookies are made with ingredients which are having a very low glycemic load. We use imported cocoa powder and hazelnut as flour base. We don’t use maida at all. Only the best quality Trans-fat free bakery shortening is used.

Tasty and Delicious: Diabexy Cookies tastes great which will satisfy your taste buds along with helping to manage your blood sugar. Replace your tea time snacks with these Diabexy Cookies as a healthy snacking option. You can carry them along with you and eat them as quick break snacks to subside hunger. 

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