Erectile Dysfunction Ko Theek Karne ka Simple Tareka | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment I EDU-32


Erectile Dysfunction Ko Theek Karne ka Simple Tareka | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

As per a survey, more than 50% diabetic population suffers from sexual health problems. Lack of Desire in females and lack of performance in males which they usually don't share with anybody. There are mainly 4 reasons because of why sexual problems might occur. Firstly, sexual problems might occur because of blood vessels. Secondly, it might be because of hormone disturbance. Third, because of nerve damage, and fourth because of physiological reasons.

Sexual Health Problems among male is known as Erectile dysfunction and among female is Vaginal Dryness. So in this video, we will learn about the problem caused by blood vessels. How this is generated and how it can be solved at home. The main problem with Diabetes is that the sugar level in the blood is high. Blood flows in the blood vessels. High blood sugar may damage blood vessels in the sexual organs due to which sexual function gets damaged.

Watch this informative video to get detailed knowledge on Sexual Problems among Diabetics. We wish to educate and help you through Diabexy Videos that how sexual problems start and what all we can do to treat this problem. Therefore Diabexy has started a Sexologist consultation where you can discuss your sexual health problems.


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