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A lot of followers have asked us what is required in making a diet plan for diabetics. In this video, we have discussed 5 rules to keep in mind while making a diet plan for diabetes.

Since every individual is different and everybody has a different lifestyle, we have discussed how a person can make his own diet plan as per their requirement and needs.

We focus on sharing knowledge so that you can tailor make you own diet plan. Diabetes Reversal is a long term process and plan. Keeping that in mind, a diet plan should be easy to follow - enabling more people to follow it. A sample suggested diet plan is also given in the video.

Diet Plan for Diabetes Reversal

Early Morning - Drink 1 liter of warm water

Breakfast Option

1 - Royal Salad Option

2 - Stuffed Paratha (Diabexy Atta) with curd Option

3 - Any Egg Dish


2 Roti (Diabexy Atta) + Any Veg + Curd + Green Salad


Option 1 - 2 roti (Diabexy Atta) + Any Veg + Salad Option

2 – Paneer Tikka with Butter Option

3 – Vegetable Soup / Vegetable Sambhar Option

4 - Non-Veg Dish with Salad

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