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EDU-4 | Diabetes can be Reversed!

Cure Diabetes Permanently Naturally without medicine Eradicate Diabetes like polio

In the last video EDU 3 Real cause of Diabetes we learnt about the real cause of Diabetes which is Insulin Resistance. In this video we will discuss the two methods of management and treatment of diabetes; First is with the help of medicines and second is with the help of food. Watch the video and decide which one is correct.

By Mr Lokendra Tomar,

You must have heard that Diabetes can be managed but it can not be reversed permanently, here is another one, if you start taking diabetes medicine then you have to take it for a lifetime. let's see if these sentences are true or false. 

In 1989, Dr Gerald Reaven gave his Theory on Insulin Resistance and changed the history of Diabetes. He said that diabetes is caused by insulin resistance and insulin resistance is a reversible condition, hence diabetes can also be reversed. Since then gradually Doctors and scientists around the world started to believe that Diabetes can be reversed.

How to Reverse diabetes permanently?

As you know the Pancreas produces Insulin which works as a carrier to transport sugar from the blood into the cells, but cells have a limited capacity to take sugar when too much sugar comes into the blood from food a person eats then cells close their doors and stops the entry of any more sugar inside it. This is called insulin resistance. Once the Resistance is developed against insulin, then it can not transport the sugar into cells and Blood sugar starts to rise, as we keep on eating more and more carbohydrates, blood sugar keeps rising. A diabetic person tries to control blood sugar by taking more medicine rather than changing his diet. This is how diabetes becomes a permanent problem for the person.

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The standard treatment for diabetes, which has been going on in our society for many decades is that we go and see a Doctor and take Medicine (Like; Sulfonylureas) which squeezes our pancreas and makes the pancreas produce more insulin to control the raised blood sugar and we see that blood sugar is in the normal range and this medicine is working wonders. We keep on repeating this, eating more carbohydrates and making the blood sugar go up and then taking medicine to bring it down. We were told that Diabetes has no cure but if we keep on taking this medicine then our blood sugar would be in the controlled range, we started to believe that one small medicine is no big deal and we started to take it every day.


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Try to think more scientifically that the extra sugar which we are forcing into the cell has no use in it, so cells convert that extra sugar into fat. Fat starts to deposit in our body and this extra fat addon to our body weight, tummy shape, and waist size, I mean to say we become overweight. We were supposed to control Diabetes but now we become overweight as well. When Blood sugar is high, then extra sugar starts pulling more water from the surroundings to dilute the blood, this water pull increases the blood volume and makes the heart do more work and which in turn causes high blood pressure. 

When the sugar in the blood is high and Insulin is also high because of insulin resistance, then the Liver converts that extra sugar into Cholesterol, Triglycerides, this excess fat comes back to the blood and blocks the arteries, this is the beginning of Cardiovascular Diseases. The extra fat made by the liver from extra sugar gets stored in the liver itself and this is the beginning of fatty liver. Too much sugar, and too much fat in the blood, along with a lot of insulin causes high inflammation which can damage the kidneys. We were trying to control one disease but in return, we developed so many, and then everyone tells us that Diabetes is a progressive disease. It can never be reversed but only managed. 

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Now think about a better approach to managing the condition of high blood sugar. As you know that blood sugar is raised by eating too much glycemic load or you can also say that is caused by the excessive intake of carbohydrates. If there are more carbohydrates in our diet then, it will release more sugar in the blood and blood sugar will rise. so we decrease the daily glycemic load of our diet or simply to say, the intake of carbohydrates in our diet. This disciplined approach will cut the supply of sugar into the blood and the extra sugar which is already there will be used in a couple of days as energy. If the blood sugar is less then we will need less insulin and that decreases insulin resistance as well. The reversal of all problems arising from excessive sugar in the blood will start going south. The complications like obesity, Hypertension, high cholesterol and many other problems will start to subside as well. 

Two things that we need to keep in our mind to reverse diabetes are Knowledge and Discipline. Knowledge of what we should be eating or not. Like high carbohydrate foods, we need to avoid it, which increases blood sugar and the role of insulin. So proper knowledge and discipline can keep you away from diseases. After all, our health is our biggest wealth, share knowledge and make our country free from Diabetes. 

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