एक Apple खाने से कितना Blood Sugar बढ़ता है | Which Food Raises How Much Sugar? | EDU-7


If you want to know how much your blood sugar gets impacted by eating a certain food, it can be easily done by applying a simple mathematical calculation.

क्या एप्पल से ब्लड शुगर बढ़ता है? What are best glycemic index foods for diabetes? Why glycemic index is important for diabetics? Do fruits increase blood sugar? Which food raises how much sugar? एक apple खाने से कितना blood sugar बढ़ता है? Watch this video to get the answers to all the above questions in the most simple and scientific manner possible.

There is a lot of confusion between what is Glycemic Index and what is glycemic load? So Glycemic index is the speed with which the sugar enters into the body and Glycemic Load is a parameter to measure which food raises how much sugar. In this video, it has been discussed which foods to eat and avoid for diabetics and how it is possible to manage diabetes without medicine.

Carbohydrates is another area which has been discussed in details as an what is carbs, what is net carbs, how much carbs our body requires and the mystery of carbs vs protein vs fat.


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