About Us

Diabexy is synonymous with Mr. Lokendra Tomar and vice versa. Lokendra’s journey started in rural India in the 90s. From very humble beginnings, he completed his Bachelors in Pharmacy in 2002. He started his own weight loss clinic in 2005 following which, there has been no looking back. Today, Lokendra is a renowned Nutritionist, Pharamacist and Entrepreneur.
Spearheaded by him, Diabexy has spent the last decade researching and developing a range of diabetic friendly, tasty food. Our range of food is made to have a very low glycemic load. Glycemic load is the amount ones blood sugar is impacted upon eating a certain food.
Since 1980, the number of people suffering with Diabetes has increased by over 4X. Coupled with the increasing obesity epidemic along with more sedentary lifestyle choices, diabetes, in many academic circles, is considered the biggest potential epidemic in human history.
Diabexy’s mantra is simple – Help reverse and eliminate Type 2 diabetes. Our product range is made to be a tasty and diabetic friendly substitute. Coupled with our diet plan, tools and consultative sessions, Diabexy food products are your answer to help reversing Diabetes.